Albert Xing
Designer & Developer

I'm a designer and developer based in Vancouver, B.C

Currently in my fourth year of study at the University of British Columbia

Go, SQLite, HTML5, JavaScript


Private, self-hosted, open source web analytics with robust datalogging and a clean web interface.

The focus for Alight is transparency and control. As a self-hosted solution, Alight gives administrators complete access to all data collected.

More importantly, no data is ever sent to a third party ensuring the privacy of website visitors.

Source on GitHub

Autumn / Winter 2015
HTML5 & JavaScript, with Benchmark.js


A JavaScript benchmarking utility, like jsPerf, but completely client-side and not reliant on a running server.

Originally motivated by jsPerf outages due to spam and server overloading, Stool is a simple and lightweight alternative

Try it here

Source on GitHub

December 2014
HTML5 & JavaScript


A simple but fun holiday-themed game. With avoid-the-obstacles type gameplay the goal is to run Rudolph as far as he can go while trying to avoid jumping into snowmen and snowballs.

The game was developed for web in HTML and JavaScript using modern technologies such as HTML5 Canvas. Artwork was designed with fun, bright graphics.

Heavliy inspired by the Chrome T-rex easter egg.

Try it here

Source on GitHub

Autumn / Winter 2014
JavaScript, Google Drive API & Chrome Extension API


Excess is a Google Chrome extension that applies user-written stylesheets to webpages.

What makes Excess unique is it saves and syncs stylesheets through Google Drive, so all installations of Excess on the synced Chrome browsers will be kept up to date no matter where you modify the CSS.

The built-in editor in Excess is Ace, which includes useful features such as find-and-replace, line numbers, and multiple selections.


Source on GitHub

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